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Chandeliers in Today’s Youth’s Pop Culture

kids' chandeliers

If anyone is wondering about how people feel about chandeliers as we move well into the 21st century; not to mention the relatively new millennium, a look at various pop culture pockets reveal a growing affection by today’s youth culture, inspiring pop culture chandeliers.

Some of the works and pieces at Kingdom Lighting might fit into this category, especially some of the Maria Theresa Chandeliers line. Maria Theresa’s offerings take their inspiration from the court of Louis XIV. These vintage chandeliers epitomize why today’s pop culture is taking note of these elegant types of lighting fixtures that certainly do more than merely light a room.

Maria Theresa might take heart that a whole new generation of chandelier fans are emerging, thanks to moms who want to put a touch of class into their kids’ lockers between their official classes. Moms are offering a little touch of opulence for their teen daughters who open their lockers to sparkling crystals, introducing some elegance into their children’s lives on a daily basis.

While crystal chandeliers probably aren’t ideal for school, these young fans are growing up with a taste for the beauty of chandeliers – something they’ll bring to their future homes.

Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Maria Theresa (full name: Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina) was the sole female ruler of the Habsburg dominions, as well as the last of the House of Habsburg. Born in Vienna to Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI and Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Maria Theresa ascended the throne following her father’s death in 1740 and found herself in the unenviable position of governing an impoverished state significantly lacking in soldiers.

Nonetheless, Maria Theresa proved herself to be a capable ruler, instating many critical reforms that both strengthened Austria’s military and its bureaucratic efficiency. She doubled the state revenue between 1754 and 1764, bolstered the educational system, shifted public perception of inoculation when she recommended and underwent inoculation herself after the smallpox epidemic of 1767 and outlawed witch burnings and torture, which were quite progressive stances to take at the time.

But the reason home decor aficionados know Maria Theresa’s name today is her penchant for opulent chandeliers. Seeing the large and complex chandeliers in the court of Louis XIV of France, Maria Theresa commissioned craftsmen to design chandeliers for her own palaces. These days, Maria Theresa chandeliers refer to particularly luxurious and exquisite chandeliers in the traditional baroque style, beautiful fixtures that continue to remain popular to this day.

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Designing Your Home Around Your Chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers Can Make or Break A RoomGiven the grandeur of their design, crystal chandeliers are fully capable of carrying the design of an entire room on its shoulders. One could hang a brand new chandelier and almost call it a day with decorating. The only question is which look to go for. The interesting thing is that most people go about this in entirely the wrong manner. While they might end up with a room they enjoy, they could have ended up with a room they are in love with. It is not nearly as backwards as it sounds.

Most people survey their rooms, take note of the décor and then go searching for a Maria Theresa chandelier that fits the decorating scheme. While this certainly makes sense, reversing the order can have a profound effect on the look of your home. By starting with a grand chandelier that you love and building the room around it, you are almost guaranteed to end up with a room that is practically dripping with sophistication, class and beauty. By building the room around a crystal chandelier, you are starting from a jumping off point of beauty. And when you start with beauty, you usually end up with beauty. It is a relatively simple decorating equation.

The next time you are planning a redecorating adventure, browse online for the perfect chandelier. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Keep Your Crystal Chandelier Shining Through the Years

Crystal Chandeliers People invest in crystal chandeliers for their absolute beauty. The cascading crystals create an immediate atmosphere of splendor and elegance. A well-built crystal chandelier can stay in working condition for 10 years or more, depending on the amount of care you put into its upkeep. Since dirt and grime will be immediately evident, a regular cleaning is absolutely crucial to keep your Maria Theresa chandelier sparkling. Thankfully, cleaning your crystal chandelier is not as arduous as you might imagine.

Tips for Cleaning Your Crystal Chandelier:

  1. Mix one part isopropyl alcohol with three parts water and pour into a spray bottle.
  2. Turn off the circuit breaker that provides power to your chandelier and remove any light bulbs that are screwed into the chandelier.
  3. Spray a microcloth or soft cotton glove with the cleaning solution. Keep a dry one handy as well. With the wet cloth, carefully clean one crystal at a time. Then use the dry cloth to polish the same crystal. Repeat this process until all of the crystals have been cleaned.
  4. Dust the frame of the chandelier with the dry cloth. Do not use the cleaning solution on any of the hardware; this will cause damage.
  5. Dust the light bulbs before returning them to the chandelier.
  6. Turn on the power and admire your handiwork!

Repeat every month or so to keep the cleaning process painless and your chandelier looking spectacular.

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Eco-Friendly Chandeliers

Be Kind To Our Planet With These Crystal Chandelier Alternatives

While the splendor of a full-sized Maria Theresa crystal chandelier cannot be dismissed, more and more people are trying to turn their homes and offices into eco-friendly machines. While, at first, it might seem like the two cannot mix, this is not actually the case. The new generation of designers seem to be making it their personal mission in life to turn recycled items into everything from bookshelves to blankets.

Sure, some of these attempts are misguided and end up being novelties instead of practical pieces, but some really do astound us. Whether or not you choose to deviate slightly from the traditional crystal chandelier and go the eco-route, checking these creations out is well worth your time.

Our current favorite eco-designer is Krystal O’Mara. Her ReMain Eco Designs brand is dedicated to taking the things you would least expect to see as a chandelier and turning them into gorgeous, functional works of lighting art. Her ReCycled Chandelier might not be made of crystal, but it sends a clear message that you care about this planet of ours and appreciate off-the-beaten-path décor. The chandelier is made with vintage bike rims and represents the history of things left behind and the modern world of reuse. The chandelier sells as is, or O’Mara is also willing to create a personalized one for your home.

This is a designer to watch for sure!

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Edible Chandeliers You Will Never Believe

peep chandelierWhile the chances of this new do-it-yourself trend overtaking the position of the crystal chandelier as the lighting fixture of choice for most homes, the latest lighting trend we have been made aware of is edible chandeliers. Before you scoff, take a look. With ambitious folks making chandeliers out of everything from Peep candy to Gummi Bears and baby food jars, there is something to satisfy even the ficklest of taste buds. Clearly if you have serious lighting needs, a Maria Theresa chandelier is the way to go. But if you want something a little quirky, here are a few of our favorites.

Edible Chandeliers We Love:

  1. Peep  Chandelier: Not ready to let Easter go? Have an overload of Peep candies? Want to shock your husband? This Peep chandelier is made from nothing other than wood, twine and Peep candy. While it is not likely to meet all of your lighting needs, it does make an adorable statement that will be talked about for years to come.
  2. Gummi Bear Chandelier: Disclaimer: You will need 3,000 gummi bears for this project. This is an undertaking for the committed. But, the end result is simply incredible!
  3. Baby Food Jar Chandelier: This is, by far, the most practical of the bunch. Emptied and cleaned baby food jars are turned upside down to create a lighting effect that is far more elegant than the name would imply.

Decide for yourself, but we are totally smitten!

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Romance in the Hallway

gold candle wall sconceFar too often, your home’s hallways are sadly neglected when it comes to décor. The status quo overhead lighting that most settle on for their hallways, often without even thinking about it, does nothing for the overall aesthetic of the passageway. The problem is not that homeowners do not care about the look of their hallways. The problem, often, is they think they are without options.

Sure, it is unlikely that you can hang a full-sized Maria Theresa chandelier in your hallway. Even if it fit, the resulting look would be a little cramped. But, this is no excuse to let your hallway linger in lighting purgatory.

Add a touch of romance to your hallway with Kingdom Lighting’s candle wall sconces. These decorative lighting pieces are just as visually appealing as any crystal chandelier and infuse your passageways with a feeling of romance, elegance and splendor. As a general rule of thumb, candle wall sconces should be placed approximately two feet apart for the length of the hallway. This will ensure that there is just enough light for guests, but not so much light that the hallway starts to take on that all too familiar clinical look.

Browse our selection of wall sconces today for some ideas and then start getting a little romantic with your hallways.

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Go Green with Chandeliers

green lightbulbPeople are starting to grasp the idea that our planet is not one giant renewable resource. Our planet needs our cooperation in keeping itself green, abundant and able to sustain life. Thanks to this new resolve to keep our planet green and gorgeous, everything from roofing to cars has “gone green.” Crystal chandeliers and the lighting world are no exception.

While installing a gorgeous Maria Theresa chandelier in your dining room hardly comes to mind as a particularly “green” action, there is plenty you can do to turn that stunning piece of lighting into something that will keep the Earth shining for at least another thousand years.

First, use energy-saving bulbs instead of the more traditional versions. If you shop around and do your homework, you can find brands that use up to half as much electricity.

Second, install a dimmer switch instead of the traditional on/off option. Using a dimmed setting uses less energy and creates an ambiance that simply can’t be beat. If you think about it, none of us really need to be operating under 120 watts of concentrated light anyway.

Lastly, turn it off when you leave the room. Your mom has probably been telling you this since you were a child, but it is so effective! The simple act of turning the lights off as you leave a room will save you tons of money and add a few years onto the planet’s lifespan.

Going green with your crystal chandeliers is easy!

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Go Vintage with Your Lighting

teppe chandelierThe days of antiquing being left to eccentric or elderly have passed. These days, everyone from young hipsters living in Brooklyn to housewives in Los Angeles has gotten on board with the idea of vintage. Suddenly, everything from chinaware to denim is being antiqued for a new (or, old) look. There is no reason why the trend should not be adapted to crystal chandeliers as well.

After all, while they were certainly not draped in crystals and gold the way some of today’s Maria Theresa chandeliers are, the lighting fixtures of yesteryear were equally spectacular in their own right. This fact owes much to the inherent charm of iron, brass, chrome and the general rustic aesthetic that permeated the time. Timeless classics in literature like Jane Eyre and Little Women, along with the latest cultural phenomenon of Downton Abbey, have conspired to create a nation that lusts after styles gone by.

Kingdom Lighting has an extensive selection of iron and brass chandeliers to choose from. Or, if you already own a gorgeous chandelier and are hesitant to purchase a new piece, you can check out our post from a couple weeks ago to learn how to antique your own chandelier. Online sources such as eHow and HGTV are also excellent resources. Or visit for some truly amazing designs like the one shown here.

Regardless of the course you take, this is not a trend to miss out on!

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Revamping a Chandelier with Paint

painting a chandelier Maria Theresa chandeliers are elegant, bold and absolutely divine. There is simply no denying that. That said, we do not live in a one chandelier fits all kind of world. Americans crave individuality. We worship our right to express our individuality in whatever ways we see fit. This means that, as long as no one else gets physically or emotionally injured, we are free to do things that might seem sacrilegious.

If the crystal chandelier you bought a couple years ago is no longer making you happy, it might be time to spice things up with paint. With nothing more than a little spray paint and elbow grease, you can create a new and completely modern chandelier in almost no time. Here is a step-by-step guide to the process.

Painting Your Chandelier:

  1. Take apart the chandelier carefully. This means removing all crystals, lampshades and bulbs. If you have a lamp that breaks apart into multiple pieces, separate those and group all the metal ones together.
  2. Wipe down all the metal parts with a damp rag.
  3. Tape off all attached non-metal areas (including plastic candle holders and electrical cords) and cover socket areas completely with tape.
  4. Spray the metal parts with a thin, even coat of metal primer and let dry. Then use spray paint to coat the same metal parts. Use multiple thin coats instead of one thick one.
  5. Allow the chandelier to dry, reassemble and hang.

Behold! A brand new, DIY chandelier to show off your personality!